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Natural Hair Care


This is a non-chemical straightening service, suitable for both natural & chemically processed hair. This service entails the usage of              



Tired of doing the Hard work at home?

Come in & let us PAMPER you!

All of our services start with a Clarify Shampoo to strip your hair of any potential build up/debris. The Clarifying shampoo is then followed up by an additional shampooing service to ensure a true deep cleansing of the hair strands, the Moisture Rich Scalp Massage & Conditioning Process is then completed with the Blowdried straight method.

*Please note that service does not include Styling of any sort



Custom cuts are always a favorite! Rather to freshen up your look/add a New flare, or to do away with extensive split ends/breakage. 



Trims are typical maintenance and essential to the health of your hair no matter how you prefer to wear you hair whether Silked-out, Protective styled, Relaxed, or Twisted out.  



Moisture Immersion......$25

Hydration is 1 of the most essential elements to attaining healthy hair. This deep conditioning treatment is purposed to impart intensified moisture to each individual hair strand.



Scalp Therapy......$35

Most ideal for clients experiencing extremely dry, flaky, or itchy scalp. This Hot oil treatment begins with a vigorous removal of all debris & buildup on the scalp. Following the scalp invigoration - the Oil Solution is applied to the scalp in sections to ensure complete saturation, the client is then placed under heat in order to fully open the hair follicle and allow for deeper penetration of the treatment.


Repair & Retreat......$35

This protein treatment is vital in rebuilding & fortifying process of the hair bonds Amino fatty acids, Keratin Proteins, and Hydrogen Bonds that may have been broken or compromised in due to chemical processing or excessive heat styling of the hair.

Color & Chemical Services

Test strand......$10

A prerequisite to any coloring service where client is interested in going *lighter




Creating the most lived in customizable highlight/lowlight effect by hand painting each application to ensure placement & melting effect

*requires test strand if desired look is lighter than your natural hair color



Placement foils......$15/per foil

Perfect for a simple pop of of color to add a little excitement to your look. Accenting color without committing to an All Over color or Balayage 

*requires test strand if desired look is lighter than your nature hair color



All over color......$200

1 Color Selection- customized formulation applied from root to ends, (One Dimensional color)

*requires test strand if desired look is lighter than your natural hair color



Color retouch......$150

Pre-existing color grown out by 2-3 inches? The color retouch is perfectly formulated to match your natural color to the color existing on your mid-lengths & ends.



double process color.....$250

All Over Bleach & Tone, meant to lift the hair color and tone to desired color.

*requires test strand if desired look is lighter than your nature hair color




Chemical straightening - Mizani relaxer system is used

(this service includes the Silk Press service)



Relaxer retouch, ideal for 1-2 inches of regrowth


FULL SEW-IN......$350 - $375


Our most Premium service; providing the duality of being a complete protective style while also giving off an ultra flat/seamless & extremely natural looking finish. 

perfect for clients hair looking to grow their hair out, repair or give rest to distressed hair

(if your hair is past Shoulder length w/ Medium-Thick density there will be a $25 up-charge)

PARTIAL SEW-IN....$200 - $225

Full sew but done on only half of the head - completely excluding the crown of the head.

(if your hair is past Shoulder length w/ Medium-Thick density there will be a $25 up-charge)


Ideal for clients seeking additional length or thickness to enhance their Natural hair. The Braid-less Sew-in is the most seamless form of extensions available, purposed purely for added aesthetic to the clients natural hair. 


Extension maintenance, including a clarifying shampoo & conditioning along with extension tightening and styling

Extension take down......$110

Let's be honest taking your extensions out at home can be quite the task! That is exactly why we've made this option available to all of our clients. This service  includes the take down of any extension installation, a detoxifying shampoo, Repairing conditioner, and blow dry. 

*If you are getting a Silk Press, Sew-in, or any other Finishing service in addition to your Extension TakeDown please deduct $50 from the combined services total as ALL finishing services already include the pricing of the Wash & Blowdry component.


CUSTOMIZED CLIP-IN's....Pricing is provided per consultation

The most versatile form of extensions. must schedule a consultation prior to booking this service. 





Extension ponytail, includes shampoo, conditioning, silk press, molding, and ponytail styling of clients choice 

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